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Architect in the House Glasgow_Poster

Architect in the House

We’ve signed up to take part in Architect in the House – the joint charitable initiative by Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) and Shelter.



Wonderful canopy of umbrellas as part of the Agitagueda Art Festival, in Agueda, Portugal. Wonder if something similar may work in Glasgow. Probably needs to more continuous to keep out the rain .. From Detail Daily



Stairs. We all need them,they serve a purpose. Sometimes elegant sometimes merely functional. By virtue of their scale however they can become something much more. Sculptural, breathtaking, almost surreal. Check out this list of amazing staircases from World Geography for more.


Tokyo Townhouse

An interesting, if a little spartan, house in Tokyo via Detail Daily. I like the concrete, dark wood, salt and light filtered from above. Imagine it with some lovely furniture from the likes of The Lollipop Shoppe or one of its many competitors (I have no affiliation) and it becomes calmer and less stark.