We like to be open and transparent

Architect’s fees are sometimes misunderstood. Compared to other professions, we can be surprisingly inexpensive. As a profession, however, we are maybe not that good at engaging with the public, especially when it comes to what we charge.

We’re keen to be as transparent as possible. If you know your project’s type and have an approximate budget you can use the graph we’ve produced above to calculate a guide fee and a breakdown of typical payment stages. Please note that this is for a full Architectural service. A part service, to Building Warrant or Planning Permission for example, will attract a significantly smaller fee.

We offer a free initial consultation

We produced the graph because we think clear and simple information about fees helps you check your budget, but we think the best way to start a project is to visit you to sit down and talk it over and we’re happy to do this free of charge.

This initial consultation gives us a real feel for your aims, aspirations, timescale and budget and allows us to advise on design possibilities. We can also let you know whether you will require any other consultants, Planning Permission, Building Warrants and Listed Building Consent and identify any opportunities or potential problems at an early stage. We can then follow up with a detailed fee quotation.

How to get a fee quotation

In most cases the guide fee indicated by the graph will be the one we charge. From time to time, due to variations in the nature of work required and its complexity, we may not be able to stand by the guide.

In this case, giving us more information regarding the project will allow us to come up with a more accurate fee. Helpful information includes whether the work is new build, an extension or a conversion, where it is, an approximation of size and whether your property is historically significant or is a Listed Building. Use the form on the contact page to let us know more about your project.