Project Process

Starting a project can be daunting unless you understand the project process. To overcome this, we’ve outlined a typical project path, along with a brief idea of the services we can provide along the way.

1. Concept

So you’ve decided that you want to embark upon a building project. Whether you have an inspired idea or you just need more space and don’t know how best to get it, we offer a free initial consultation to talk things through. Here we’ll assess your brief and budget, give initial advice and provide you with a firm fee proposal.

Once this is agreed we will, if required, undertake site surveys and come back to you with initial design ideas and advice on the best route towards making your dreams into reality. This will include how to obtain planning permission and building warrants, if necessary, and how and when to approach building contractors.

2. Plan

We now complete more detailed design work including 3D visualisations and images necessary for you to be happy with the design. Once the design is agreed, we will advise on the need for other consultants (usually only a Structural Engineer) and then prepare more detailed scale drawings from which we can provide you with a more accurate build cost estimate.

At this stage we can apply, if necessary, for both planning permission and building warrant, on your behalf. Our skill and experience with most central Scottish Local Authorities guarantees a high application success rate.

3. Tender

Once the project has the go ahead from both yourself and the Local Authority we will prepare a set of detailed drawings and specifications which meet all legal and technical standards. These drawings will allow for accurate construction costs to be obtained and lessen the likelihood of any cost disputes arising during the build.

We can advise on the choice of builder and building contract and help you fill in any details on the contract. We will then obtain quotes and help you choose the right contractor for your project,
negotiating, on your behalf, a fair contract price with the selected builder.

4. Build

Negotiating with builders can be stressful for many experienced property developers. For private individuals, this can often turn into a nightmare. Although some clients may wish to manage the contract themselves, we are experts in co-ordinating every aspect of the build, handling all negotiations, discussions and work monitoring ourselves.

Services we can provide include;

Inspecting building work to ensure quality work on time

Checking builders invoices for accuracy and certifying when work is complete

Dealing with any faults post completion.