Why Choose Us?

We have excellent design and technical skills through which we can realise your aspirations, add value to your property and give you piece of mind throughout. We keep overheads down to provide our services at an affordable rate.


We’re highly skilled and experienced designers. We believe in close consultation with our clients and want you to enjoy and feel in control of the process. During the design process, we’ll ask questions and make suggestions before coming up with a range of ideas to develop and refine together.

We also know how to plan for best environmental performance and can optimise light, views and aspect, promote natural ventilation and reduce energy consumption. Our expertise allows us to create efficient buildings that are light, airy, comfortable and stylish.

We never use standard solutions and we’re enthusiastic and excited about the potential in every project. Everything we do is responsive to context and character and the constraints of time and budget.


Our main aim is to achieve your aspirations, as property owners, for the way you want to live. We also work for property developers and have, through this, a keen understanding of what adds value and what is marketable.

Rather than just producing drawings, we’ll work with you to develop and refine designs that will interpret your ideas imaginatively. Through thinking laterally and innovatively and using space efficiently, we can make your budget go further, maximise your investment and add real value to your home.

Our skill in sustainable design means that renewable technologies, sustainable materials and low-energy construction methods inform the whole design process. As well as this being right for the environment it also leads to low running and maintenance costs.


All Architects are trained professionals. Our training takes a minimum of seven years. Adrian has spent over 15 years in private practice and the skill, expertise and experience necessary to take on almost any project.

When you appoint us we’ll never leave you in a situation where you’re left to handle things alone – we’ll always be on hand to help. In the unlikely event that anything goes wrong, like all Architects, we carry full Professional Endemnity Insurance (PII).

We can help with part planning applications and building warrants but we prefer to provide a full Project Management service. Here we guide you through the construction phase, help you select builders, obtain prices, monitor progress and standards and oversee the build through to completion.


We’re passionate about making design affordable and keeping costs down so that we can offer our services to as broad a market as possible. We believe that our low overheads allow us to work with many people who may not normally employ Architects.

We keep overheads down by saving on office costs and working with a network of experienced freelance Architects and related professionals. This gives us access to a flexible skill and expertise base and allows us to use resources only when they are required.

Each fee proposal we send out includes a comprehensive breakdown of all relevant project tasks and their cost, such as making a planning application, how much we charge for them and ensuring that there are no unanticipated charges.